Meet Dr. Carl Cheung

Transforming Lives through Gentle Dentistry

Dentistry is a great profession. Whether a person comes in for cosmetic work, is in pain, or needs a routine checkup and cleaning, we’re able to improve their quality of life. I love seeing my patients happy. By learning what they desire, focusing on a person’s specific clinical issues, and delivering comfortable care, I am rewarded with genuine smiles.

I love talking to and building relationships with people. Each patient is unique, with their own experiences, interests, and personalities, and I love to learn from them. Whether a person is telling me how they hunt for sea urchins, how they’re remodeling their house, or sharing their travel plans, my world is expanded by our conversations.

I chose to become a dentist because it allows me to work with my hands, connect with people, and improve lives. Whether I’m improving a smile and showing a patient their before and after photos, or creating and placing a crown in the very back of the mouth where no one will ever see it, I take pride in my work. I want patients to enjoy their visits here, knowing they’ll receive painless care and leave with a healthier, happier smile.

Sunrise Dental of Marysville

Our team is composed of remarkable people. They make sure every patient is at ease and knows they are important to all of us. Our team members are experienced professionals who are also warm and friendly. They want patients to look forward to coming to see us and genuinely care about each patient as a person.

Education and Continuing Education

  • Doctorate of Dental Medicine, Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH

Dentistry is constantly changing. Advancements in techniques, materials, and technology all mean new approaches to care, more comfortable treatment, and stronger, longer-lasting results. My patients trust me to provide them with the best treatment options and I take that responsibility seriously.

Each year I take multiple continuing education courses, staying current on developments in dentistry and striving to expand and strengthen my skills. I focus on courses that are most beneficial to our patients, in order to best meet their needs and desires.

Beyond the Office

I grew up in Toronto, in Ontario, Canada. For several years I lived in Lynnwood, WA, before recently moving to Bellevue. My life is shared with my young black Cocker spaniel, Harvey, who’s full of energy and keeps me busy!

I often travel to Vancouver to visit family and love to get outdoors and hike the beautiful Pacific Northwest. I also enjoy playing soccer a few times a week.

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