Meet Dr. Matthew Williams

Helping Others, One Person at a Time

As most healthcare professionals realize, there may be nothing more satisfying than truly helping someone in need. As a dentist, I’m able to help others, whether I’m providing a new outlook on oral hygiene, showing a person that modern dental care is pain-free, or providing care in the event of a dental trauma.

People in Snohomish County are friendly and down to earth. They aren’t afraid to open up and let me know who they are and how they feel. I love that! I love working with a patient base that’s diverse in age, race, religion, and personality. My patients broaden my understanding and appreciation of humanity. It’s rewarding to have close contact with so many unique individuals and I find I learn from each conversation with each patient.

I have always enjoyed creating things with my hands and being of service to others; dentistry allows me to fulfill both of those desires in a unique way. building strong, honest relationships with patients and being able to help them achieve great dental health is rewarding. Every day at the office is a new challenge and offers new and exciting experiences and interactions. Is it any wonder I love what I do?

Sunrise Dental of Marysville

It truly takes a team to deliver the exceptional dental care we strive to provide. Our hope is that the services we offer allow patients to live more comfortable, confident lives and that the oral health education we provide is spread throughout our community.

Our team has a great mix of personalities and a variety of skills. Everyone has a great respect for the dental health profession and for our patients. Our team members are very much a part of our community: they are friends, neighbors, and family of our patients!

Education and Continuing Education

  • Lake Stevens High School
  • Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology, University of Washington
  • Doctorate of Dental Medicine, University of Connecticut School of Dental Medicine

Dentistry, like many fields, is constantly evolving and changing for the better. I make staying well-versed in new technologies, techniques, and materials a high priority. This ensures each patient receives leading-edge treatment that delivers the best results for their needs.

Throughout the year I complete various continuing education courses, studying restorative dentistry, endodontics (root canals), and periodontics. I attend the annual Pacific Dental Conference and have completed the Hiossen Implant training course, as well.

As an active member of the Washington State Dental Association, I learn from the leaders in the profession. I also remain current on research findings and discussions of treatment modalities through dental journals.

Beyond the Office

I grew up in Lake Stevens, attended Glenwood Elementary in South Lake Stevens, Lake Stevens Middle School, and graduated from Lake Stevens High School. Now I love in Greenlake with my wife, Malea and our two young children, Haaken and Isla. We also have a very large dog, Juneau – and if it were up to Malea, we’d probably have ten kids already!

When not caring for patients, I love time with my family. I enjoy goofing around with my twin brother, Nik: we own a small real estate development company together. I also love working with wood and building things, playing golf and fishing, and cheering on the UW Huskies and the Seattle Seahawks. I like brewing beer with the guys and enjoy listening to mystery audiobooks, especially Michael Connelly, too.

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